SpacewAR Uprising

If you still have not played an augmented reality game yet, this AR game published by Tresreis Games is the game to start with. It puts you into the role of Earth’s savior. It gives you the ability to fly a fighter spaceship and fight against evil aliens that bring destruction everywhere they pass.

The Scenario

Your mission is to save the X-Castera, newly developed energy core that might be just the thing you need in this fight against the invadors. The core is needed so the Earth can set a protective shield around it. If you fail, the Earth will be destroyed by evil Clomatandria, and her galaxy will become the center of the universe.

Augmented Reality Technology

When you start the game, the first thing it will do is scan your suroundings, using your camera, so it could find the best location to place X-Castera. Next, you jump into the fighter plane and the battle can begin. While playing the game, you will have to move around. This is in order to fly the best you can and attack at the best angles, protecting X-Castera and having fun in the process.

AR spacewar gameplay

The Gameplay

To enhance your gaming experience, you will be able to choose from different ships, as well as weapons and upgrades. This can improve or limit your chances of success against the aliens. Also, some strategy is in order. You have to find ways of approaching and attacking the enemy, while keeping your shields and health up at the same time. Timing is of great importance, too. You have to know when and where to attack the enemy.

When you defeat an enemy, they will drop Space Chips, an in-game currency. Get enough of these, and you can purchase upgrades and improve your battle options and chances of winning.

While strategizing, you can exploit the advantages of AR and move out of the enemy’s field of view. It would give you a chance of sneak attack. On the other hand, you should keep an eye on the ship’s radar at all times, since attacks can come from any direction.

Supported platforms

The game is currently available on iOS and it costs $1.99. The augmented reality game runs smoothly and it looks impressive. However, you will need a lot of luck and skill to pass it. Non the less, it is worth giving it a shot.

You can follow the latest news about the game on their Facebook page.

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